I was looking on another popular website for RUSH called And I saw a legitamate looking tour cover for the upcoming RUSH tour supporting the clockwork angels album. I read about how the previous RUSH concert (Time Machine Tour 2011) featured the entire Moving Pictures album on it and by the looks of this cover, Signals might deffinitley featured on this tour in it's entirety. The cover is below this post (hopefully) check out the cover and then look at the Signals album cover next to it
220px-Rush Signals

Signals album

and you will feel my exitment as well.

Sincerley, Mr. Vargas


Possible tour cover art

Sort of alike. With the dog l mean. If you're stuck l'll help you out. Look at the Clockwork Angels tour cover. You looking? OK, see the Dalmatian looking at the fire hydrant? Look at the Signals album cover. You looking? OK, see the Dalmatian sniffing the fire hydrant? Almost the same! The hunch that the publisher on has and the hunch that I have may be dfenitley true.

Sincerly, (again) Mr. Vargas

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