See there are many people in the rock and roll hall of "fame" that I enjoy. AC/DC, Led Zepplin, the works. BUT WHAT I CAN NOT COMPREHEND AS A HUMAN IN THIS CENTURY IS THAT ABBA (Yah the same "dancing queen and co. ABBA!!!) MADE IT INTO THE ROCK AND ROLL HALL OF FAME, WHILE RUSH DID NOT, WHEN THEY SING BORING JAZZ MUSIC!!! I MEAN COME ON!!!!!! DANCING QUEEN?!! HOW DOES THAT COME NEAR TOM SAWYER OR THE SPIRIT OF RADIO?!! HELL! THE NECROMANCER IS BETTER THAN THAT PIECE OF ANIMAL WASTE!!! I SWEAR TO THE LORD ABOVE!! SOME SORT OF MISTAKE WAS MADE WHEN ABBA WAS INDUCTED INTO THE HALL OF "FAME"!!! THESE "BANDS" DON'T COME CLOSE TO BEING AS GOOD AS GOOD AS THE LAST GOOD POWER TRIO ON THE FACE OF ARE PLANET EARTH!! All i'm saying is that RUSH deserves to get into the hall of "fame". They have reached feets that like, none of the bands already in the Hall of "fame", have even dreamed of achieving!!!


Mr. Dirk Vargas

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